Pits of Seth 2 – update!

Now that I’m waiting for Jesse to finish up a review on Solar Trader (Alpha), I’ve started doing all the changes I’ve promised for POS. And it’s really coming together. New things to look for in the next version…

1) Sounds – mostly in. Some of them are a hoot!

2) Large corridor – more of a hint towards what lies ahead!

3) Special area – there will be new randomized layouts for small areas (barracks, the harem, the treasure vault, etc) that will appear on each level, three per level. These will use the new Large Corridors to help define them.

4) Death-step – I didn’t like that you could go from 4 health to 0 in one hit. So now, the game will grind you down to 1 point but not let you go to death unless you were nearly dead. This means you’ll get maybe ONE chance to perhaps throw a spell or run or something before you get killed. This should make it a bit easier to live. At least death won’t come as a total surprise.

Anyway, all this should be coming out soon. Sounds are half-in and corridors are working. We’ll see if I can wrap this update up quick!

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