Randomness and Variety: that’s what we demand in games. Who wants to play the same levels over and over? Who wants to always know which items to use and which not to? Who wants stale games?

By Random, we want random maps and random setups.

By Variety, we want “God variables” (hidden variables that tweak play balance each time).

Robert Raymond and Jesse Markowitz have been playing games forever (all the way back to our Atari 800s, then board games before that). And now we’re writing our own games, not flashy graphic games but good solid games with lots of play. The only thing you’ll need is Microsoft Excel, but otherwise, they’re all FREE! So click on the links and pull down whatever interests you!

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    1. Robert, just read your excellent article in Jan 14 OPSig, thank you for the opportunity.
      Downloaded Dispatcher Panel for a non magnetic try

      John Pearson

      1. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you have any problems – I’ve included my email in the article for questions.

        We had a headlight problem at the club last session. The newbie dispatcher sheepishly admitted “I can’t blame your program for this” 🙂

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