Dispatcher Panel

Model Railroad Dispatchers struggle with magnetic boards to control where their trains are. Well, no more! This handy-dandy tool uses simple two-click commands place and move markers. And it’s got two major advantages over the old physical method:

  1. You can add new trains, named the way you want to, on the fly!
  2. All tracks between the start and end of authority are flagged for occupancy.

Download includes basic spreadsheets, an instruction file (detailing how to run the program and create new panels) and an icon for your shortcut.

Download: DispatcherPanel


3 thoughts on “Dispatcher Panel

  1. Hello Robert – Lost in all your fan mail are four follow up emails on the problems our group has had with the Dispatcher version that you and I were working on. I don’t mean to embarrass you or “bug” you. Let me know your direct email address and I will forward the problems our group found with Dispatcher. It all centers around it not being able to red flag the double tracks. Thanks again for writing it, Robert. If we can work out this little problem it will be a “GREAT” program.

    Kimball Kelsey
    Paris , TN

    1. Okay, I’ve got to check my email when I’m home – I thought I’d sent a copy of the new DS program to you. Looks like wires got crossed. Will post you direct tonight!

  2. Robert –

    The last version was 1.SV special version 4 rows and it had the problems with the double track as discussed. Thanks, we certainly appreciate you efforts.


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