Avalon Hill’s Dispatcher

While running a train at a model railroad ops session (where we “game” a model railroad into being a real “day” on a railroad), I accidentally brushed a stack of stuff under the layout with my leg. It fell over. Oops. Stooped down to restack it and there was Dispatcher.

Back when I was a kid, I played an old Avalon Hill game, C&O/B&O, a train game where two railroads compete for revenue and efficiency over a 24 hour period. Yes, this was a “war” game, with counters and dice and a board game. I loved it and played it a lot – solitaire – since I couldn’t find anyone else to play.

But I knew it came from a game called Dispatcher, a pair of fictitious railroads locked in conflict. In the time before internet, I’d only heard rumors about it. Never saw it. Had no idea.

And now there it was.

I only have a few minutes to look at the contents. The owner saw me down there, hunched over a game that was 54 years old (as old as I am, since it was published the year I was born). He made a copy of the rules for me in his wife’s home office and I read them on the long trip home. I was fascinated.

Talked to him in the week that followed and finalized a purchase – I’d buy the original from him, with the maps and cards and counters. So in a day or so, I should have it.

And who knows – maybe it will be another game. Keep an eye here for details.



2 thoughts on “Avalon Hill’s Dispatcher

  1. I just got a copy. Someone’s grandmother has passed on and left some old games. A Craigslist alert went off, and I bought Gettysburg and Dispatcher. It looks like my Dispatcher set is complete, and then some — it came with the rules and weather cards for Tactics II!

    Since I blog from 55 years ago, I am looking forward to playing (and reviewing) these old gems. 🙂

  2. Stumbled on this while looking for Avalon Hill games. I’m very interested in this. I can remember playing dispatcher in the early 70’s and I loved it. Would like to hear more about your purchase. Thanks.

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