About the authors

Robert Raymond and Jesse Markowitz have been playing games forever (all the way back to our Atari 800s, then board games before that). And now we’re writing our own games.

Robert “Barker” Raymond

Robert Raymond has been many things in his short yet not complete life: A game designer, a game developer, a writer, a blogger, a pilot, a cycle-commuter, a model railroader, a corporate coder, a project administrator, a rocket scientist, and unemployed. While he enjoys game development, he hates the slow progress flashy coding takes. The discovery that he could write games in Excel and VBA (his Pits of Seth was his first attempt) set him into this new hobby.

For more about his writing and book reviewing (and cycling, too!) check out his other site at www.RobertRaymond.com

Jesse Markowitz is a project manager for a big computer company to pay the bills and enjoys playtesting Robert’s latest games.  Mostly he plays, but occasionally he’ll add a module or two of code.

Most recently he is coding more than just a module as he is building the GridSims Multiplayer Game Framework (GSMGF) to allow future GridSims Excel games to support multiple players.

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