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Latest dev update

Code was turned back over to Robert.  he had a number of fixes queued up that he is working on now.

Meanwhile, I’ll investigate how to pull some of my code that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped (Quiet mode – to shush interplanetary Mao Corp ships on takeoff / out of gas and landing)

Slow but steady gets you to Mars (more development updates on Solar Trader)

And everywhere else.  I didn’t hit my goal of a playable beta by end of year, but work continues.  Robert has been playtesting and accumulating a list of bugs to fix.  Meanwhile, I’m getting space encounters to work.

Basics are in.  MaoCorp freighters appear frequently flying on their own freight missions.  Once in a while, they’ll pop out near you.  Occasionally even a free trader will fly by too.  Orbital guard, assassins all are included and can show up.   And as of the last weekend, Rescue tugs can now be called out.  Now if you are in deep space and deep other stuff, you can call for help!!!  Still needs some work, but it’s getting closer.

Finally, I found and fixed some navigation errors, so all these non-player ships fly more intelligently.

With all the bugs to be fixed, I’m not sure when we’ll be ready with a playable Beta to distribute, but I hope to have my stuff done enough to hand back to Robert by the end of January at the latest.