Pits of Seth

Added Pits of Seth into the game library. This was a curious effort – I’d hardly done more with Excel at all at this point, just basic spreadsheet stuff and nosing into VBA (basic). Then I got the hankering for doing a Dungeon Crawl. Remembering some of the stuff I’d done before (I’ve done Pits about four times now, and was one of my first games back in the 70s), I started coding.

It actually worked pretty good. Sure, the dungeon is a little loopy and doesn’t make much sense (but who are we to question the ancients?). But it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Jesse for beefing up my kludgy map by figuring out how to do solid edges. It made it a lot easier when trying to find how to get from that new up-stairway to the exit.

It’s a fun little game, so enjoy!

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