Pits of Seth 2

Well, I’m supposed to be working on Solar Trader, but Robert sent me his latest draft of Pits of Seth 2 and asked me to try it out…  It’s fun.  If you liked the original, you’ll love the new version.  If not, you’ll like it, but may not appreciate the differences.

It’s close to being ready to be posted.   I found some minor issues that Robert will be tweaking and then I think that’ll be up soon.

Be warned, it’s addictive.  Once you start, you want to go just a bit further.  Now if only I can stop playing POS2, I’ll go back to SolarTrader and try to finish my next round of work there.

One thought on “Pits of Seth 2

  1. Thanks, Jesse. Yes, it is a lot more fun than the old one. One big change – you can’t be blindly killed in combat. No going from full health to dead in one hit. Now, you can only drop as low as 1, which gives you a turn to maybe run, maybe use a bow, whatever, if only to save your sorry little bottom.

    While I was sitting at work on Black Friday, all by myself, I booted up an old copy of POS and was nailed only a few rooms in by a fluke roll. Yeah, I hated that.

    Once I add Jesse’s fixes and a new front end, I’ll be posting it up.

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