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My co-developer, Jesse, and I love coop games. Playing as a team is far more fun than playing against a game by yourself. If you win, you BOTH win. Nobody loses (unless, of course, you both lose 🙂 ).

Twenty years ago, we did this with Sim City and Railroad Typcoon, sending each other the saved game (via modem) and playing a proscribed lenght of time before sending it back. Nothing like being handed a city to manage where the nuclear plant just cracked open.

Anyway, I had the idea last week to do this with Solar Trader. I’d start the game, go into the spaceport, pick up a cargo (and suffer my little adventures). Then I’d lift ship and make my run. If I made it to port (and didn’t land with the gear up or antenna out or simply just crash), I’d toggle open the hanger bay door and…

Send the game to him.

And then he’d work a cycle and send it back.

I noticed that on Facebook, I have a new entry and a new data file waiting for me. This is great. It’s like live fiction, where what happens happens to you. So tonight I’ll be playing my round.

You can follow our efforts on the GRID SIMS FACEBOOK PAGE. Who knows – if you ask nice, we might even let you coop with us.

And I think our next game (likely After the Fall, will have live coop built in.

After all, a friendship is too good to waste.

2 thoughts on “CoOp play in games

  1. Well the coop experiment was interesting, if short. We will have to try it again.

    I’ve started building some of the infrastructure for After the Fall cooperative approach.

    But I want to finish up Solar Trader first.

    Next up is space encounters.

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