Solar Trader – Another development update

Just to keep folks here in the loop – we (by which I mean Robert) has been coding like mad.

Remember the comment in the last update about the bomb? Well rather than a behind the scenes roll and an announced outcome, there will now be a new mini game to give you a chance to defuse the bomb. Are you going to cut the green wire or red? Cut the correct wire and the bomb is defused. Cut the wrong one and boom!!!

Once that mini game was created, gambling seemed too pale, so another mini game “Spacejack” was added. It’s a simpler version of blackjack – but watch out for cheats. Actually if you are daring, you can try cheating too – but folks get upset if they catch you.

Having created a mini game for gambling, a bunch of new gambling encounters were added to the tables to allow for different skill level opponents. In an entirely luck / odds driven game why worry about skill? Because that’s how good folks are at cheating and detecting cheating.

Finally, if we have these mini games, perhaps combat encounters should get more interesting too. Another mini game? Probably. Keep watching this space to see more.

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