Solar Trader Development Update

I finally convinced Robert to stop coding and give me control.  He’s finished the mini-games (bomb wire-cut game and gambling).  And added a host of bar room encounters. And then he had to flesh out (snicker) the brothels, adding the parlor options and all the fun and games there.  But wait, that wasn’t enough, he had to shake the screen during a burn.
So now it’s my turn.  I just finished coding the mission start for space encounters.   So now, if an event triggers for an encounter with another Free Trader, the Orbital Guard, or any other ship (or space encounter).  The best part is that with the new encounter approach, adding new space encounters is easy.  Really easy.  Adding a comet or wreck or asteroid cluster is just adding some entries in the table.
Next, will be testing my code for starting encounters, then more testing of my older navigation code (so other ships can fly somewhat intelligently towards their targets), and then adding more code for mission actions – So that in addition to freighters delivering cargo (already coded / tested) other missions like escort, attack, rescue can be run…

One thought on “Solar Trader Development Update

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to play. This is really going to be a gigantic game when we are done (and we’re almost there).

    All I want to do is change the way the radio works so…

    1) You don’t need the antenna out to reach out to an asteroid base floating 200 yards away. And…
    2) Allow you to call the orbital guard / tow vehicle if you are actually in orbit. But Jesse is going to have to tell me if his tug COULD catch you, given your orbital swing.

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