System War One!

Well, this sucks.

There you are, sitting in your tiny scout ship when a massive alien mothership skids in a deceleration slingshot around our sun, blowing out system-wide communications and dumping elements of a vast fleet (complete with dreadnaughts) across inner space. The Earth fleet is scattered to the various planets and all you can do is to assemble them.

You’ll need to play this smart and hot, probing and analyzing and guessing. Maybe you’ll find a disabled civilian ship with a specialist you can use! Or maybe you’ll smash into an asteroid and doom us all the the hive’s feeding vats. It all comes down to how clever and lucky you are.

So probe your way through that inky night. Good luck. We’re all counting on you!

(to download, go to The Games: System War One and pull it down there. Full rules, sounds, screen icons (and, of course, the game) are all in the zip file.


One thought on “System War One!

  1. Reading Robert’s note above might not be enough to engage your curiosity about the game. Think Minesweeper on steroids. It’ll make you think. Hard.

    Try it out. You won’t regret it.

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