Pits of Seth 2 Played

Robert’s post announcing Pits of Seth 2 doesn’t do it justice.  He came up with a number of very clever additions that make it much nicer than the original.  Here are some of what I like the best:

  1. Sound – It adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game.
  2. New room types – POS had rooms and corridors (stairs and traps too), but they all looked alike.  Now there are special room areas (shown by wide corridors) that have a unique feel.  Explore all the levels to find them all…
  3. No instant death – A quick tweak to prevent that unlucky roll that takes you from perfectly healthy to perfectly dead in one blow.
  4. New game modes (runs) – The original approach was renamed campaign game and quick one run through the dungeon modes were added.  Multiple modes each with their own special characters (elf, dwarf, wizard) are available in this mode.
  5. New start screen – Yes it’s just a pretty picture, but what a pretty picture.  And cool opening music too.
  6. Reduced distraction view – POS2 automatically hides the Excel tool bars and ribbons, letting you focus on the game and almost forget that it is really being done in Excel.

Give it a try here

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