Pits of Eh?

Now this pissed me off.

We had our POS2 release, which went well enough. Well, well enough until lifetime friend Matt tried to load it into Win8 (with neither Jesse or I are cursed with) and it threw an error. Turns out that Win8 is not backwards compatible, no not really. And boy, was that a pisser.

Found a solution online. Tried it on my machine – ran okay. Posted it to Matt and he tried it. Worked okay. Pulled out my old XP system and it actually ran there too. So we seem to have a fix now.

If the game is running on your system and you are happy, leave it. But the new version has been placed on the POS2 page (and, what the hell, here as well). Enjoy!

(And thanks, Matt, for identifying that problem. I’ll have to go back and retrofit some of the older games).

2.10 Download here: PitsOfSeth2

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